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CHARN PAINTER (BSc PT, Dip OMT, Pelvic Floor Therapist)

Owner / Therapist / Instructor

It has long been my vision to create a clinic that was patient, parent & child friendly! And so from the merging of my professional & personal passion for health & wellness, Physio Fit came to be!

I am a registered Physiotherapist with 20 years of clinical experience & have my pre & postnatal fitness certification as well as certification to treat both female and male incontinence and postgraduate training in sports and orthopaedic physical therapy. I am also a mom to four young busy boys! I realised with each one of my pregnancies and each child I added to our family..that there really wasn't much scope in our city for parents to be able to get out, get fit and bring their baby or their toddler along!

SO with that in mind & inspiration from colleagues & friends I decided to bring the concept to life!

Also as a therapist, a wife & a mother, I know that I am able to provide insightful assessments and treatments to my female patients for a variety of conditions they might encounter while pregnant, nursing or in the post partum stage of their journey through motherhood! And with a solid background in sports physical therapy and post graduate training in orthopaedics I am able to offer both male & female patients progressive clinical management of a large scope of muskuloskeletal issues. 

I look forward to sharing my expertise, experience & energy with all who want to promote their own physical health & wellness in a competent, confidential and considerate way!

Charn Painter